Why bring in a K-9?

Adding a dog to your staff


 A drug-sniffing dog is a non-invasive, powerful deterrent for students, clients in recovery, or employees.

Quiet and efficient, our K-9 teams walk through parking lots, classrooms, dorm rooms or any area you designate, accompanied by your staff member. We note areas where the dog shows special interest or alerts, and provide you with a written report. 

Middle Schools & High Schools

School drug search

 Just one more tool to enhance student safety: Random drug searches by Desert Drug Dog are a visual and prominent way to discourage students from bringing drugs onto school property. Safety, liability, reputation: we are here to mitigate your risk.

Addiction Treatment Centers


 Desert Drug Dog's employees are specially trained to work within environments where patients may be vulnerable and psychologically fragile. Our job is to help staff in their efforts to provide a drug-free healing environment. 



 Think of it as an equal opportunity drug test. Periodic, unannounced inspections by Desert Drug Dog create a strong psychological deterrent to anyone using or selling drugs at work. Warehouses, car sales, B2B services and production facilities have turned to Desert Drug Dog for help in reducing their liability from illicit drugs on their property. 

Your Home


 We offer families the same confidential services as our commercial clients.With our extensive knowledge of local resources, we often help families find the right therapists or treatment options for their loved ones. 

What if...?


If you are a school, business or treatment center, you have policies in place for how to handle contraband. If you are a family member, we will let you know what your options are if drugs are found on your premises.

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