Meet Our Dogs



 K-9 Lucy joined Desert Drug Dog when she was 18 months old. She lives with her handler Amy. Typical of the classic Malinois, K-9 Lucy is known for her irrational exuberance, and cannot wait to get to the next work site and do what she does best--sniff for drugs. Friendly and happy, K-9 Lucy is serious about her search and is beautiful to watch on the job. 



 K-9 Meli works with Crystal, who has trained her from a young pup in both obedience and detection. Meli loves to please and has an abundance of what we look for in a working dog: high drive and a nonstop work ethic. For the curious reader, "Meli" means honey in the Greek language. 



 K-9 Reba works with Dana, who raised her and trained her from a pup. In addition to being a fantastic detection dog, she relishes her role as our Public Relations Specialist. K-9 Reba never misses a chance to lavish dog love on a student or patient she sees on the job. 

K-9 PI


 K-9 Pi was born and raised in Phoenix, and works with her handler Crystal. K-9 Pi is a wonderfully social, level-headed dog, making her an exceptional candidate for the work we do at addiction treatment centers. She is also frequently seen at the business events we participate in, representing our four-legged staff members. 

K-9 Cash


K-9 Cash was born to K-9 Reba in Phoenix in 2014, and lives with his handler Dana. When he was young he was solid black--hence being  named after Johnny Cash "the man in black;" but has since lightened in color. K-9 Cash was started on his Narcotics Detection at the early age of 5 weeks and loves his job. He also has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. .

K-9 Widow


 K-9 Widow, aka The Widow Maker, was born on May 5th, 2015, (Cinco de Mayo), befitting of her Mexican bloodlines. The smallest of all the Desert Drug Dogs, she makes up for her size in heart and enthusiasm for the job. Clients love watching Widow's methodical and thorough search style and from Day One on the job she was finding drugs. Widow takes herself and her work very seriously! She lives and works with her handler Amy.