Private sector drug detection for schools, treatment centers, businesses and families. 
Arizona Department of Public Safety License #1675027 


Ever wish you had a drug dog?

Now you do!


Efficient, effective, and affordable, Desert Drug Dog can help detect and deter the use of drugs on your premises. Confidential and compassionate, we are here to help.



Our professionally trained K-9 teams work with schools, treatment centers, businesses and private parties throughout the state of Arizona. We provide you with one more tool in your toolbox to prevent, detect and deter the use and abuse of drugs. Call us to learn more about how Desert Drug Dog can support your current efforts to maintain a drug-free environment.

K-9 Dargo alerts on a gas cap where a stash of illegal drugs is hidden. 
Marijuana candy, drug dog
Marijuana candies found by K-9 Lucy
Various paraphernalia found at a client site.