Private sector drug detection for schools, treatment centers, businesses and families. 
Arizona Department of Public Safety License #1675027 

Our detection services can help. Your privacy is always respected. 

How it works: 

Call or email us with all of your questions about drug misuse. Your information is kept confidential. We are not affiliated with law enforcement. If our dog detects the odor of drugs, we note the area for your follow up and continue our search. You may take whatever action you choose. 

If needed, we have a vast network of professional resources who can help you develop next steps to help the person in question, whether a family member, employee, student, patient or client. If you are a manager or administrator of a treatment center, business or school, and our K-9 indicates the odor of drugs, you should follow your existing policy for determining appropriate action.

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Storage Unit companies ensure their properties are free of drugs by utilizing drug dogs on a random basis.

All of our dogs are professionally trained to meet or exceed National Police Canine Association standards for narcotics detection. We partner with K-9 Defense, LLC to provide our dogs and keep our training up to date.  


Our dogs are gentle, quiet and are trained on "passive alert," meaning they sit or lie down when they detect the odor of drugs. No digging, scratching or barking.